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The special feature of this motorcycle mirror is the patented mirror surface which is glassless – the aluminium itself is the mirror surface! A weightless design without edge and frame makes mirror body very thin and light.

Price per single piece. In order to get a pair, please order two mirrors!

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motogadget m.view spy mirror surface is produced in flycutting by diamond tools on ultra-precision machines. It is then made resistant to oxidation, corrosion and scratches by a complex plasma coating process in a vacuum.

The mirror body, mirror arm and the clamping for the handlebar end are milled on CNC machines from solid aluminium and anodized to a high quality. Furthermore, all screws are made of stainless steel. Also, the precise ball joint allows a comfortable and very stable adjustment of the mirror.

The handle bar end mirror m.view spy is very small, reduced and fits perfectly to the push button controls m.switch. Also, it can easily be mounted above or below the handlebars. The mirror is suitable for the right and left side – it is mounted directly on the handle bar end.

The size of the mirror surface of the m.view spy does not correspond to the EU law, therefore it is not approved according to ECE.

Price per single piece. In order to get a pair, please order two mirrors!


Diameter of mirror body                                           75 mm
Thickness of the mirror body without ball head       4 mm
Lenght of the stem                                                  61 mm
Inner diameter of the clamp                                    for 22 mm and 1 inch handle bar
Clamping width                                                       8 mm
Weight                                                                    86 g

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motogadget m.view spy rear mirror blade with stem and clamp